Oatmeal cookies with raisins

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Oatmeal cookies with raisins

September 30, 2020 Recipes 0

Looking for a healthy snack that’s even good to be a meal? Oatmeal cookies aren’t just for fun but can nourish our mind and body!

As I lately have some time, I had been searching on the internet yesterday. In need of fresh, fascinating thoughts, inspirational meals that I have never used before, to surprise my loved ones with. Hunting for a long time yet could not come across any interesting things. Just before I wanted to give up on it, I discovered this yummy and simple dessert by luck over Suncakemom. It looked so fabulous on its photo, that called for instant action.

It was easy to imagine just how it is made, its taste and just how much my husband will enjoy it. Mind you, it is very simple to please the man when it comes to treats. Anyways, I got into the page and simply used the precise instuctions which were combined with superb photographs of the operation. It really makes life quite easy. I could imagine that it is a bit of a effort to take pics in the middle of baking in the kitchen because you ordinarily have sticky hands and so i pretty appreciate the effort and time she put in for making this blogpost and recipe conveniently followed.

With that said I am empowered presenting my very own recipe in a similar fashion. Many thanks for the concept.

I had been tweaking the main formula create it for the taste of my loved ones. I’ve got to tell you it had been a terrific outcome. They loved the flavor, the consistency and enjoyed getting a sweet like this in the middle of a stressful week. They quite simply requested more, many more. Thus next time I’m not going to commit the same miscalculation. I’m gonna twin the quantity to make them happy.

Oatmeal cookies with raisins was first invented by SunCakeMom

We can use oats as they are but to make a less edgy smoother cookies we can ground them into flour.

Pour oat or oat flour into a bowl. Add bananas and the butter in too.

Put egg, honey and baking powder into the bowl, too. Work the dough together until we get an even mixture.

Use a spoon to place little lumps on the tray then flatten lumps into cookie form with the back of the spoon.

Slice strawberries or any other fruit then place the slices on top of each cookie. Strawberries will shrink and change color in the oven to the extent we won’t win any visual award with them.

Put tray into the preheated 356°F / 180°C oven for 15 minutes to bake. Take the cookies out when they are golden brown.