Month: March 2022

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355 Cals 47.5 Protein 17.5 Carbs 9 Fats TOTAL TIME: 4 hrs YIELD:4 SERVINGS COURSE:Dinner CUISINE:American Crock Pot Maple Dijon Chicken Drumsticks is an EASY slow cooker chicken dish made with only 6 ingredients, including the salt and pepper! Kid-friendly and delicious – the chicken literally falls off the bone! INGREDIENTS 8 skinless drumsticks 1/4…
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March 24, 2022 0

Broccoli Fritters Recipe

Looking for hiding vegetables from plain sight or just really into broccoli? Let’s make broccoli fritters and hide veggies no more! As I recently have some time, I was surfing on the internet the other day. Looking for fresh, intriguing ideas, inspiring dishes that I’ve never used before, to astonish my loved ones with. Hunting…
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March 23, 2022 0

Chocolate Ganache

Can we embrace mistakes or the pursuit of perfection can’t abide them in our life? Let’s make chocolate Ganache that will help us enjoy life! As I most recently have a little time, I had been searching on the web a few days ago. Trying to find new, intriguing tips, inspirational recipes that I’ve never…
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March 8, 2022 0

Rutabaga Fries Recipe

Is all food created equal or there are some more beautiful than the others? Let’s make rutabaga fries and find it out! As I lately have a little time, I had been surfing on the web yesterday. Looking to find new, challenging tips, inspiring recipes that We have never tasted before, to treat my family…
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March 4, 2022 0